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We had the most nonprofessional, unreliable, incompetent company we have ever worked with in the Shipping industry or anywhere else. They promised a very important package delivery to Colombia for $200 and the package arrived in a different city, was held up in Customs and they never called us. After contacting the company they said we would have to pay over $100 more in fees to get the package from Bogota to Medellin, where the delivery was... Read more

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DHL Global Mail - You'll Never Guess how DHL Ruined My Family Christmas
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Dear DHL, The amount of incompetence, disorganization, and ineptitude displayed by DHL China is almost incomprehensible. Let me explain the situation. My family mailed what was suppose be a Christmas package for my wife, myself, and our two-month old son on Tuesday, December 15th (Waybill: 6924384401). I was amazed at how quickly it arrived in Shanghai: only two days to go from Philadelphia, PA to Shanghai, China. That is the only positive thing... Read more

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I ordered a book from a seller on because we are both in the same state, PA. I chose this seller assuming it would only have to ship halfway across the state. Well, the seller uses DHL and the package went from PA to Elkhart, Maryland, then then to the farthest western county in Kentucky and will have to travel back to PA. As of this writing and tracking it is still sitting in DHL's facility in Kentucky waiting to go to USPS. Delivery... Read more

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DHL Global Mail - DHL Thieving pieces of ***
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The stole from me in September admitted it. I haven't used them since then. Today I recieved a package which I didn't want to use DHL but the supplier couldn't use another service. When the package came there was no invoice, I opened it and one of my items was ripped opened used with god knows what then taped with brown packing tape, I can not sell it a $55 item and potentially it could be considered "Paraphernalia". You cost me over $1000 last... Read more

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I ordered two custom made leather jackets which came all the way from India. Well as luck has it their preferred carrier was DHL, unfortunately for myself the local driver thought it was acceptable to sign my name on the deliver confirmation and accidentally delivered my package to the wrong address. The seller did NOT obtain insurance and even after DHL ADMITTED TO BEING AT FAULT I WAS NEVER REFUNDED! I lost a total of $460 because I had to... Read more

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Hello everybody. If you think DHL is bad at your side - try Philippines. Not just you have to pay extra minimum 50$ (up to 300 and more in some cases) for pac that been paid already but also you would never get it in time. I used local DHL 3 times... Huge mistake. And all the time I hope it would be different but of course it's not. This time they send my document to Ukraine but not didn't even check that DHL there doesn't serve Crimea anymore... Read more

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If you want exact information on tracking a or call her at 317.554.5104. She's very helpful! She forwarded my package and I got it the next day!!! WOW! I called and spoke to a guy...he said that he wasn't able to locate my package because it wasn't tracking. But Dawn was able to find it. She gave me the exact location and told me when it would arrive. Then she asked me if I would want to expedite it. So... Read more

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It seems like DHL is very *** in the Compton & Union City areas of California. It seems unfortunately I'm suffering the evil of the "Ready for Transport to USPS" message. It made it fine out of Compton but now its been stuck in Union City for about 3-4 days. I only live 3 hours away! Why does anyone even bother using this company? They seem like they are just a middleman. What I ordered isn't exactly of high priority at the moment but it... Read more

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